Monday, March 25, 2013

Industrial Noir Reviews Wrap Up

Here are some reviews. Overall I am pleased with them. I'm also grateful to everyone who took the time to listen to the material and write out their (sometimes too) honest impressions. Note: I am still waiting on one more review from the blog Black Metal and Brews, but this is most of them.



Aristocrazia Webzine (in Italian):

About the next album:

I have about five really good tracks done for the next album. The structures are a bit tighter and there is going to be more percussion elements. I am also messing around with field recordings and recordings of urban sounds turned into samples, which is an interesting new direction. Overall, I think that this will be a much more focused effort than the last release. I have also come up with a name for the next record. It is going to be called "Songs For Prisoners." It was initially going to be called Limbo, but the ideas behind the record changed. The name refers to being a prisoner within your mind and being trapped within a certain mental state or mental illness. 

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