Thursday, August 14, 2014

NEW ALBUM "Bleaker Pastures"

I have uploaded a new album onto Bandcamp called "Bleaker Pastures." It's the culmination of about six months worth of work and in many ways represents a sort of transitional effort. The album was put together more like a compilation, and it isn't much different from what you would come to expect from this project, but I believe that some of the song structures are a bit tighter and flow more fluidly. 

I want to say that the album has been assembled using scraps of sounds, loops, and other materials. I've already started work on another album which I hope will be more song orientated, spontaneous, and rely a bit less on samples and other self indulgent sound design. But, as always, I follow the whims of my own fancy and if other people want to (or not) come along for the ride, then they are more than welcomed to. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Demo III

A new release has been uploaded onto Bandcamp as a free download. Most of these tracks are from late last year, so they are not necessarily representative of this project here and now. Many of these same tracks have also already been uploaded onto Youtube as videos for preview on this blog. There are five tracks total. Get it here: