Saturday, March 30, 2013

Free Three Song Demo

Before I released "Industrial Noir," I uploaded a free three song demo/teaser that people could download. This is something similar to that. However, these songs will not be on the upcoming second album. Two of these tracks are originals, one is a Akira Yamaoka cover. I think the cover is pretty true to the original. It's not a song that I am aware of anyone ever covering.

Initially I wanted to have far more fragmented releases like this. Three songs here, four songs there. Instead of releasing one huge album at a time, the project would naturally evolve over time with a series of smaller releases that wouldn't be so dependent on the album format.

There will be a second album. However, I will also have smaller releases like this that will be given away for free because, let's face it, in today's world most people are used to downloading music for free. In the past I gave away too much for Mara. I never benefited from it. I erroneously thought that by giving away huge chunks of albums for free the word would spread. I have come to the conclusion that giving away music for free wasn't necessarily the wrong idea, but to give it away for free in such large chunks was pretty stupid. It doesn't mean that I will never give an entire album away for free with World of Metal and Rust, but I am going to try much harder to actually have releases that people can buy first. If all else fails, then you always have that option. With a project like this, I understand that money is the last thing that I am going to be making, yet I also believe that music that has some kind of monetary value attached to it is more valued by others.

So, think of these releases like teaser trailers, or smaller shorts played within a much larger film during an intermission. In any case, here it is:

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