Friday, November 22, 2013


This is the first release in a series of smaller releases that I talked about before. I have decided to focus more on spontaneous, smaller releases than huge chunks of albums. This material is quite an anomaly and quite different from the previous stuff. It is much more song orientated. Some of this stuff is quite melancholic and sad sounding. I recorded this material entirely last month and the songs came out one after the other. Like I said, the material is very spontaneous. Anyway, this one is pay what you like. I also added "Demo II" to Bandcamp, which is also pay what you like.

In other news, Mara “Even Darker Days” from 2010 is finally being released in physical form by Overall, I feel that they did a great job with it. Like I said before, this is probably one of my favorite Mara releases. I created so much material for this project that it is nice to see some of it “live on” so to speak. I am all about constantly moving, constantly changing and evolving and not looking to the past, but certain albums capture a particular point in time. They are like time capsules being buried and waiting for someone to discover them. The material is there, it’s just waiting to be unearthed.     

In any case, check it out if you are ever so inclined: 

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